Vin Gulisano

Vin has been in supply chain and logistics since 1884. Oh, umm, sorry that’s 1984, but it feels like forever. While it may just seem like a man and his dog (see below), B2C3PL Advisors is networked tightly with a team of partners in areas like: fulfillment and warehousing, packaging, automation, parcel freight and analysis, real estate, marketing and more.

They’re not just random companies either – they are some of the very best out there, the best people to partner with, deliver world class service with, and just have a good time knowing.

March Madness

Ike is almost 2 years old now and is the Chief Culture officer at B2C3PL. Ike’s job is to make our customers feel good. When he’s not doing that, Ike is working with Vin and his wife Sandi as a Therapy Dog at Phoenix Children’s Hospital where he makes children feel good too!