If you are a Third Party Logistics company (3PL) looking to expand into direct to Consumer fulfillment or ecommerce fulfillment, this is where we shine. B2C 3PL Advisors will work with you to:

  1. Learn the ecommerce dialect – we all speak warehousing, but there is a definite dialect used in the B2C side and clients can tell immediately if you’re not from around these parts! They speak in orders and not pallets, and units vs. cartons….. and a lot more. But, it is easy to update your dialect as B2B 3PLs already speak the language.
  2. Sales/Marketing –
    • Everyone has a website and does some minimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but how do we really drive dozens of leads to our website and company using some basic tools?
    • Do you need help managing the selling and proposal development process on the first few deal, or on a continuous basis? Let us work with you
  3. Operations – we have a WMS and TMS, but how do we leverage them to handle a much higher number of orders/day without overloading the systems? How do we manage orders in a low touch way to get them out quickly to satisfy today’s standards – orders received by a certain time today ship today or maybe tomorrow)? Areas of focus:
    • The Pick area – Basic “backbone” setup for a processing line – look like you do it if you want to win deals
    • Integration
      • With shopping carts and short cuts to get there quickly
      • WMS and TMS
      • Client Portals
    • Pricing
      • How to determine the appropriate data to collect
      • Review of Fulfillment processes/steps to ensure adequate costing and operational setup
      • Margins based on volume and capex
      • Tools to turn pricing around quickly and accurately
      • Dashboards and KPIs -Building inexpensive dashboards to monitor production and daily costs vs. expense
  4. Introduction to partners in the space with known expertise
    • Packaging
    • Parcel Freight Delivery
    • Integration/Automation
    • Marketing
    • Real Estate